Nex Gen Genealogy Ezine First Edition Cover
Our First Edition To Be Released January 20th

Welcome to Nex Gen Genealogy Ezine’s Home on the World Wide Web!

Our digital magazine has the goal of helping to bring genealogy news to the next generation of genealogists. It is the brainchild of Kenneth Green the Genealogy Gangster! His goal was not only to educate Denver’s At-Risk youth but to bring the most significant news to those who might not understand all of the jargon of the Genealogy World!

We are looking for Writers!

Teaming up with three of his friends, they are working to bring a terrific monthly publication to market! We aim to have the most distinct style, flavor, and exact standards. We will keep to the strictest code of ethics and journalistic credibility! We are always looking for writers if you’re interested, please contact our Editor in Chief at staff@nexgengenealogy.com, and we can talk about what you can bring to the magazine!

Are you an Advertiser? If so we need you!!!

We are looking for advertisers that might be interested in reaching the next generation of Genealogists! If you are sincerely interested in advertising with us, we have fantastic deals available for you! We are offering FREE advertising in our first issue, with the hopes of showing you how rewarding it would be to advertise with us! Contact advertising@nexgenealogy.com for information and to set up your ad today!